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Fortifying corporations and your workplace to build your company safely

Threat & Violence Assessment

In 2017, more than 18K people suffered non-fatal injuries in the workplace and more than 800 died as a result of workplace violence.

Lauth is passionate about fortifying corporations and nonprofit organizations with the knowledge they need to make their workplaces safer for their employees. Lauth uses verified databases and proven methodology to assess your brick-and-mortar offices, worksites, employees, and security protocols.

  • Background Checks

  • Surveillance

  • Undercover operations

  • Comprehensive reports & expert recommendations

Uncover Debtor Assets

Leave no stone unturned.

For many companies, filing a lawsuit may be the most beneficial way to resolve a dispute. Before going through the trouble of suing a company, it is important that you know as much as possible about their available assets. Many businesses might not have the resources needed to pay a settlement in full, or are dishonest about the value of their property. Even if a judge rules in your favor, they cannot collect the settlement from the opposing entity. Hiring a licensed private investigator to conduct a due diligence investigation of a corporation’s assets can help a company decide if a lawsuit will be worth it.

What does an Asset Search Look for?

Corporations that are at risk of losing a substantial amount of money will often utilize overseas accounts or businesses. Many countries have different laws regarding corporations and the United States has no jurisdiction in those regions. A due diligence investigation of a corporation’s assets can uncover wired money or hidden property that is located both in the United States and in other countries. These types of searches are very specific and may require several different techniques, some of which include an analysis of:

  • Bank accounts

  • All locations of the corporation

  • On-site assets such as machinery and equipment

  • Vendors, suppliers, and financial institutions

  • Names of corporate officers and associates

  • Credit and payment statements spanning 12-36 months”

NGO Undercover Operations Against Persons

LII team of investigators and agents comprised of military veterans and others will conduct operations to determine if NGO’s or non-profits are in compliance for the rights Animals and Humans working towards supportive evidence. Solutions range from local violations to plant closures and media exposure.

  • Background checks

  • Skip-traces/witness location

  • Surveillance

  • Risk assessment

  • Comprehensive reports”

Corporate Theft

As little as 6.5% of stolen equipment is recovered (NERS). Don’t let your business become a statistic.

Lauth Investigations will create a risk assessment profile, interpret the challenges facing your industry and align an effective consultation or investigation so that your company can work towards a solution.

5 Red Flags that your company may have a theft problem:

  • Employee’s talk of loss to HR

  • Employees’s low morale

  • Employees indicate seeing product outside plant

  • Erratic meeting of employees in parking lots and local areas

  • Employee(s) purchasing power increases

5 Prevention Methods of Internal Theft:

  • Confidential Tip Line

  • Employee Handbook

  • Training of Supervisors to detect theft

  • Effective Security and Monitoring System

  • Ongoing undercover operatives to detect any criminal activity

Lauth works closely with managers and officers in the corporation to provide timely investigations that enable to resolve a crisis with solutions that are lawful. Our team is comprised of former military veterans, law enforcement officers, cyber security investigators and professionals that are results driven and seek facts in an ethical and legal manner.”

Fraud & Forgery

81% of companies affected by fraud or forgery reported insider perpetrators. – Kroll Global Fraud Report

Lauth Investigations team of investigators investigate fraud of all types in businesses small and large. In order to eliminate loss and compromise the spread of fraud in the workplace we recommend having preventive measures created. To ensure objectivity and a credible outcome, it may be preferable to use an outside investigator who does not have an ongoing relationship with the employer.

Red Flags (RF) of Fraud in the Workplace:

  • An employee who is living beyond his/her means

  • Bullying, intimidation and excessive absenteeism

  • Sub-ledgers which do not reconcile with the general ledger

  • Excessive write-offs of accounts receivable

  • Unexplained cash discrepancies

  • Complaints from customers about billing or amounts owed

  • Complaints from vendors about payment

  • Rise in “soft” costs (i.e. advertising, consulting, etc.)

  • Voided, destroyed or missing checks

Lauth Investigations team will confer with Human Resources directors, CEO’s and any member of your team to detect the root of the fraud. We first gear our investigation with a strong and comprehensive analysis with our client then provide an amicable solution to your team and workplace.”

FMLA Fraud

Don’t let employees take advantage of your business.

The Family Medical Leave Act protects employees positions from termination in the event they have to take time off to care for a sick family member. According to FMLASource as much as 10.7% of the U.S. workforce is on FMLA leave at any given time. While countless employees have benefited from FMLA, others have taken advantage of the program for their own gain. FMLA fraud costs business millions. Call Lauth today to find out how our investigative services can benefit your FMLA fraud investigation.

  • Surveillance

  • Background checks

  • Risk assessment

  • Comprehensive reports.

White Collar Crime

There were 481 arrests of white-collar executives in April 2016 alone. Protect your business today with Lauth.

Executives should be the members of the organization that demonstrate the highest level of integrity. When that integrity is compromised, Lauth is dedicated to performing due-diligence in the interest of an organization’s long-term health. Executive misbehavior can cost an organization millions of dollars per year, and Lauth is passionate about protecting your business

  • Undercover operations

  • Surveillance

  • Evidence gathering

  • Risk assessment 

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