Death Investigations

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Homicide or Questionable Death Investigation

Article: The Challenges of Finding a Missing Person Among the Unidentified Dead

LII investigators conduct comprehensive unsolved homicide investigations and questionable death investigations for attorneys, insurance companies, and private individuals to determine the suspected person(s) and/or if the manner of death of the deceased was suicide, accidental, or homicide.
All cases are confronted with a different investigative methodology keeping into perspective the client’s needs for resolution and solutions.

During the beginning stage of each investigation, Lauth team of investigators examine documents and collaborate with police, coroner, or pathologist and locate and interview witnesses.

Our team will examine the origin of the scene and meticulously photograph the area and identify additional witnesses.

Further, each character and eyewitness will be interviewed with verbal statements obtained and potentially recorded. During the latter phase of the unsolved homicide or questionable death investigation, investigators collect circumstantial or physical evidence by canvassing databases, searching equivocal public records, and utilizing field sources that may pertain to the case.