Theft of Jewelry/Art

Theft of Jewelry/Art

Article: Asset Recovery Cases: The Police and Pawn Shops

LII investigators understand the dilemma and emotional trauma of losing a personal item appraised for millions of dollars or even worthless. The value is in the heart of the owner’s history with the item. Often law enforcement detectives are so inundated with violent crimes that theft of personal items will not be prioritized.

Our team of investigators has helped assist people with the recovery of a diverse number of items such as wedding rings, all types of art, industrial and business equipment, and farming machinery.

  • Jewelry
  • Laptops, Notepads and Smart Phones
  • Appraised Art
  • Vehicle and Bicycle Theft
  • Confidential Documents

LII investigators will use modern techniques to appraise and hunt down the perpetrator of these crimes and disclose evidence to law enforcement and testify as needed.