The Best Ways to Prevent Internal Theft At Your Work Place :

  1. Be a presence, but not overwhelming.
  2. Conduct audits quarterly. Even in the best run companies, mistakes happen. Regular audits help control the checks and balances.
  3. Routinely review returns, financial statements, journals, etc. Ensure all the proper information is filled in completely. Never be afraid to ask questions and control the response time to answers.
  4. Be knowledgeable of every facet of your business better than your most experienced employees. Never act like your too good for any job. Take time to work side by side with your employees frequently at every job position.
  5. Make it a practice to always be the one to sign the checks. Never hand any employee a blank check (even someone you trust). Understand that everyone goes through hard times. Simply provoking opportunity leads to disaster.
  6. Follow your gut. If you believe something is wrong, you’re probably right. Don’t wait too long to investigate for information is often subverted shortly after a theft.