Private Investigators Progress Cases as Process Servers

Private Investigators Progress Cases as Process Servers

private investigators as process servers

Private investigators are the perfect multi-tool for law firms. The applications of their body of expertise could be endless from the onset of an investigation to the conclusion of legal proceedings. One typical area of difficulty is process serving. Hiring private investigators as process servers could be the answer to dislodging case progression

When it comes time to serve an individual with a legal summons to appear in court or before a judge, the powers that be elect to engage a process server—an independent party tasked with putting legal notification to appear in a person’s hands. This is to ensure that the person has been officially notified that their presence is required and therefore failure to appear lies directly at their feet. Whatever the cause for the summons, it is not uncommon for legal counsel on both sides to run into a roadblock when the subject of the summons suddenly disappears. Process servers may be trained to hand off these documents, but are they trained to find the subjects?

Private investigators as process servers may sound unconventional, but private investigators have the perfect skillsets to find subjects and deliver notices to appear in a clear, professional manner. Private investigators as professionals have a cultural reputation for shady surveillance tactics and documenting the movements of unfaithful spouses. It is these same skillsets that can also make them great process servers. Private investigators’ training and experience is diverse and can be applied to a myriad of investigation types, beginning with their access to licensed resources.

Through their licensure by the state, private investigators have access to verified databases on par with that of law enforcement. They can view a subject’s address history, criminal history, and a wealth of other personal information about a subject that can develop leads in finding out their whereabouts. It can also develop leads on their associates and friends, and other relevant witnesses who might have information about the subject. Private investigators spend years honing their interpersonal skills so that witnesses with relevant information will feel comfortable opening up to them and increase the chances of bringing about case resolution. This skill comes in handy when the subject of the summons is for whatever reason unwilling to be found. When subjects know that officers of the court will be requiring their presence, it’s not uncommon for them to make themselves unavailable. They purposely do not return to work or to their home address on record, because they know that process servers could have the place staked out, waiting to serve them with documents. After all, if you haven’t been officially served, you cannot be expected to appear in court. When this is the case, legal officials often require an extra professional edge to get the job done. With the assistance of verified databases and expert witness skills, private investigators can locate even the most slippery of subjects and serve them papers so the legal process can continue to move forward.

Hiring private investigators as processer servers is a good way to keep process serving efficient and professional. When you have a problem subject who needs to be served, hiring a private investigator to get the job done means you’re buying independent verification, as well as professional operations that can only serve the integrity of your business. If you’re a legal professional trying to serve a subject with papers, consider the services of Lauth Investigations International for your service needs. We have an overall 90% success rate in all of our casework, and we come with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Call today at 317-951-1100, or visit us online at for more information.