Why Are Heir Search and Genealogy Specialists So Essential?

Why Are Heir Search and Genealogy Specialists So Essential?

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For those who have never directly experienced how complex inheritance and asset distribution can become, it’s easy to imagine that the process is always straightforward. A loved one passes away, and their nearest and dearest receive a bequeathed portion of the estate left behind—seems simple enough. However, in a surprising number of cases, heirs can remain undiscovered and assets unclaimed, gathering dust when they might be helping a family to put youngsters through college or complete a much-needed home renovation.

For international heir search specialists Thomas and Rain Lauth—the couple behind the multi-faceted Lauth Investigations family—the reality of the number of people left unaware of their rightful assets was a shock. Curiosity revealed the extent of the problem: today, over $58 billion of unrecovered assets wait patiently to be reunited with their destined owners, held by various entities across the US.

The simple fact is that in more complex cases, those overseeing probate and trust distribution lack the heir search and genealogy resources to track down distant and oblivious heirs. Meanwhile, the amount of unrecovered assets continues to increase year-by-year. This makes the skill set of seasoned investigators who are able to locate and unite all relevant parties an indispensable asset of an entirely different kind.

Providing Essential Services for Complex Estates and Trusts

For administrators and attorneys at the helm of complex estates or trusts, unidentified or unlocated heirs can make the assistance of an optimally versed heir search investigator essential. In these cases, asset return specialists will perform tasks such as conducting in-depth genealogy research—sometimes referred to as genetic genealogy—to build a comprehensive, documented, and confirmed family tree so that no heir is left unaccounted for.

As heirs are revealed and the investigation comes to a close, all of the evidence gathered will be presented with the specific stipulations of the legal process in mind—and heir search assistance may extend to providing expert testimony before a judge. This ensures  provision of not only the information required for vested parties, but also the peace of mind that comes with assured due-diligence, well-rounded casework, and a legally versed collaborator.

Fulfilling a Vital Role for Heirs Left Unaware

There is some comfort in knowing that dedicated estate overseers may be searching for you when there are assets in the world that are rightfully yours, but what happens when resources have been exhausted, and the search is discontinued? In this area, when heir search and genealogy firms become aware of assets that remain unanchored, they make it their mission to find and notify those who have been left in the dark.

In these cases, the heir search investigator is hired by the heir, rather than the estate in question, and performs the role of demonstrating the legality and validity of their claim. Extending far beyond reaching out to estranged heirs, high-caliber heir search assistance will also include identifying the unique claim requirements of the entity holding the asset, the gathering and notarizing of documents or court-certified approved records; the provision of necessary legal referrals; and liaising with courts, property administrators, and probate lawyers on the client’s behalf.

The Task-Specific Skills of a Qualified Heir Search Investigator

A  fully licensed and qualified investigative firm of this nature should of course be able to dip into a toolkit that their clients simply cannot. This will include having the state licensure required to explore leads within the same verified databases that are used by law enforcement and government agencies, as well as access to an extensive network of third-party specialists, ever-ready to meet the evolving needs of each case. When the case calls for it, your investigator should be ready to head out into the field—be it to confirm an asset’s location or status, or pursue locating an heir either nationally or internationally.

It is also important to note that the navigation of asset distribution can be laden with emotional weight for those impacted—even when their outcome is both favorable and unexpected. The years of experience drawn upon by true heir search and genealogy specialists means that they can offer an objective and integral presence within any asset search case that holds every stage of the process to an ethical and impartial standard.

Choosing an Established and Trusted Heir Search and Genealogy Investigator

In 2012, Thomas and Rain launched the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations in response to what they had discovered. Through this, they unfurled a new branch of investigative specialization, building upon a decades-long background in searching for Missing Persons internationally, and carrying out both Private and Corporate Investigations for a vast array of clients
Since the inception of the Return Asset Division, the Lauths and their team have aided in the recovery of more than $15 million in assets on behalf of heirs, attorneys, and estate or trust administrators, with a staggering 98% success rate. This can be attributed to the mature skill set with which they entered this niche investigative field, and their determination to retain a deeply person-oriented approach to clients and team alike, no matter how far their investigative family grows. If you would like to know more about what the Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations can do for you or your client, learn more about their Heir Search Services, or contact the team today.