How to Protect Against Burglars

This was a big week for news in America. It seemed like a new story broke before you could finish reading about the first one. All of the major networks and newspapers were scrambling to report on everything taking place, but one story in the private investigation world stood out me more than the others.

The headline “Stranger enters Arizona woman’s home, eats food, uses shower, sleeps in her bed, police say” was attention grabbing and hard to forget. Most people would read this headline and quickly move on under the assumption that surely this was an outlier. This is a case of one dumb criminal who got far too cozy during a break, but if you do the slightest bit of googling, you’ll quickly find it’s really not that uncommon for home intruders to do these kinds of things. Here’s a rundown of some similar incidences and what you can do to protect your home and property.


Denver Police Warn Home Owners String of Break-ins, Burglars Eating their Food

In 2015 there were a series of break-ins across Denver. Each of the burglaries had something in common; the thieves weren’t stealing anything, but were breaking in and eating food at the houses. Wile nothing was stolen, it was happening so often that Denver police issued a warning to people in the area.

Denver police didn’t think the break-ins were related, but that almost makes it stranger. What are the odd all of these people were breaking into houses just to steal food? One of the burglaries was perpetrated by a kid. The homeowner walked into to find the kid watching anime on her tv while eating food. He ran from the scene when they cam home.


Arizona Man Enters Home, Sleeps in Woman’s bed, has Standoff with Police

The case referenced in the introduction took place in Mesa, Arizona last October. Joshua Forsgren broke into a home and took a nap inside the homeowners bed. Forsgren must have been pretty tired from all that burglarizing, because he was still asleep when the homeowner came arrived home with her children and found him in her bed.

She quickly exited the house and called police. When the police arrived they tried to get Forsgren to exit the home of his own volition, but he had other ideas. As police waited outside they observed Forsgen going through the house and eating food. After 90 minutes the police entered the home and took Forsgren down with a stun gun. He’s now in jail awaiting trial.


Man breaks into house, takes shower, eats pizza, but steals nothing

The Florida Man stories never cease to amaze us. If you’re unfamiliar with Florida Man, do a quick search and you’re mind will be blown. Whether it’s Florida Man setting his underwear on fire at a Starbucks or when Florida Man got body slammed by a pro wrestler after threatening him with a bb gun while trying to make him buy him a beer, Florida Man is always up to something.

While this story is surprising, Florida Man being the perpetrator sure isn’t. In September, 36-year-old Timothy Tomlinson broke into a home, showered, ate pizza and downed two bottles of water. Tomlinson didn’t steal anything, but he was charged with burglary for unlawfully entering the home. Luckily the homeowner didn’t lose any valuables to theft, but Tomlinson broke multiple kitchen windows to get in.


What does this mean to you?

It’s alarming to think someone could just enter your home while you’re gone. The fear of coming home while someone is still in your house is a scary proposition. One of the easiest things to do is make sure all of your doors and windows are locked whenever you head out. Porch lights are a great deterrent and they can help ward of would-be burglars by making it difficult for them to approach the home undetected.

Security cameras are excellent to catch in perpetrator in the act, but they’re also good at scaring burglars off. Some burglars are dumb enough to see cameras on a house and try to break in anyways, but most won’t. It’ll also give you excellent evidence to help the police catch any intruders.

Another great tip is is catalogue your property. By keeping an active inventory of all of your valuables, you’ll be able to immediately identify any property that’s stolen and provide pictures to police. This is as easy as snapping a picture with your phone and saving them to the cloud with a brief description you can write in your notes app.

If family heirlooms are stolen, consider contacting a private investigation firm like Lauth Investigations International. While the police would like to catch every single burglar and return property to their owners, their resources are limited and if it’s not a violent crime their motivation to catch the crook is low. Private investigators on the other hand work exclusively for you and know where to look for stolen goods. Armed with pictures and descriptions of the items, private investigators like Thomas Lauth can make short work of finding your belongings.


David Schroeder, Blog Writer, Lauth Investigations International