5 Missing Person FAQs from Attorneys

5 Missing Person FAQs from Attorneys

puzzle-missingThere are a number of legitimate reasons a practicing attorney may have for finding someone. In some instances, they’re in need of a witness to testify in a court case. In others, they may simply need to take a statement from someone. Whatever the case may be, there are also a number of commonly asked questions that lawyers may have when determining how to locate a missing person. After many years working as an Indianapolis private investigator, here’s a short list of these FAQs along with their answers below.

How can I find my missing client?

Some legal cases can literally drag on for years before they are finally settled. In situations such as these, attorneys can lose touch with their clients. In order to close the case, they need to locate the litigant to notify them of the outcome and complete any necessary paperwork. The first step typically involves conducting research online and through other traditional methods. If this fails to produce results, the next step is to employ the help of an experienced Indianapolis private investigator who knows of ways to locate a missing person beyond the basic methods.

What’s a skip-trace and how can I conduct one?

The term “skip tracing” actually stems from the debt collection industry and basically refers to those who have “skipped” out on their financial obligations. In many cases, the party in question has simply moved and left no forwarding address. Today, skip tracing goes beyond the purpose of collecting a debt and extends to locating missing persons for any number of reasons. Skip tracing can be done by an attorney by simply requesting a forwarding address from the post office. Keep in mind, however, that this can take quite a long time. For faster turnaround and better results, most lawyers prefer to hire a private investigator.

How can I locate a defendant to have him or her served?

Attorneys have the job of locating a party being sued, which can be challenging at times. In many cases, the plaintiff has very little information on the party in question. A skip trace or other conventional search may do the trick. If your efforts fail to turn up any useful contact information, however, it may be time to consider hiring an Indianapolis private investigator that has access to databases that the general public does not. He or she may also be able to go undercover and turn seemingly menial information into real, tangible results.

How do I get in touch with a certain expert?

When the testimony of an expert, such as a doctor or even a celebrity is needed, finding them can be particularly challenging. That’s because these people tend to have the means and motive to conceal their identity or keep their whereabouts a secret. These types of cases are usually left to the experts since many attorneys don’t have the connections, resources or time to handle the legwork on their own.

Can a skip-trace be done on a client that owes me money?

Another common reason a lawyer might need to locate someone is because they owe money for services rendered. Finding a debtor can be an especially difficult task because the person in question may very well have gone to great lengths to cover their tracks and avoid being found. In these instances, working with a skilled private eye might be your best bet. That’s because experienced private investigators have the tools, technology, resources and know-how it takes to locate even the most savvy missing person.

These are just 5 of the most common questions that attorneys have when they contact us. In some cases, the tips provided above are enough to help locate the missing person without the need to hire a professional. In others, working with an experienced Indianapolis private investigator like us is the fastest and most cost-effective method. If you’d like to discuss a particular person you’re trying to find, we’d be happy to help. Just give us a call at 800-889-3463.