Returning Assets: Escheated & Pre-Escheated

Lost and Unclaimed Assets

Article: Unclaimed Property Is No Joke: How to Find the Right Help

In 2012, Thomas and Rain Lauth developed the Lost Assets Division for Lauth Investigations after discovering the amount of escheated property held by states treasury and unclaimed property offices amount to over 52 billion dollars. Regrettably, the states have neither the labor or technology resources to locate literally millions of owners and then work each case collaboratively with the owner in order to return the assets.

The US economy, the property owners, families and heirs of the assets rightfully deserve the property, whether to pay for their kids college education, clothes, home maintenance, or even for someone just needing a fresh start.


Private investigators help people recover assets that they would not have known existed. When considering representation when filing for lost assets, it’s beneficial to be working with professionals who are familiar with laws governing the state where the lost assets are held. They will be familiar with all the forms that need to be filed, the proper identification, probate laws, court properties, co-claimants and joint claims, beneficiaries, un-redacted wills, death certificates, judicial authority, requirements for claiming personal assets and business assets, etc.

  • Confidentiality
  • Knowledge of required documents and assistance in finding them
  • Increased oversight
  • Familiarity with state laws
  • Claims handled with efficiency and professionalism
  • Recover ALL of the lost assets you are entitled to

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