Our Practice Areas

Lauth Investigations International specializes in complex corporate, financial, and personal investigations worldwide.

We serve corporations and private individuals in Indianapolis, Indiana and throughout the nation. LII is comprised of military veterans and professionals with diverse backgrounds and the expertise to respond to your crisis quickly and efficiently.

Corporate Culture Audit

Lauth Investigations’ CCA program is a specific service for corporations and organizations where we evaluate your internal operations from top to bottom, identify and uncover problems to provide expert solutions. Our goal is to improve efficiency in the workplace and eliminate threats. 

Attorney & Legal Services

Our legal support services mean your counsel can focus on your case. From evidence gathering to witness location, Lauth is the perfect multi-tool for your legal matter.

Workplace Investigation

Our Workplace investigation services provide expert investigations needed to propel your company away from internal problems. When it comes to your business, you should expect facts, not fiction.

Private/Personal Client Services

Our personal services are designed to empower our clients by us finding the truth. We provide detailed reports and expert recommendations to give our clients clarity in their personal crisis.

Return Assets Division

1 in 10 individuals has unclaimed assets sitting with the state, and Lauth’s Return-Assets Division is passionate about putting those funds back in the hands of rightful owners. Expert researchers use verified databases and due-diligent fact-finding to return that money to the community and stimulate the local economy. Visit our Return-Assets sister site for more information. 

Missing Persons

When a loved one goes missing, each day becomes overwhelming. That’s why Lauth uses the best resources available to bring answers to families with missing loved ones. Under Thomas Lauth, one of the nation’s foremost experts in missing persons, our investigators will turn over every investigative rock in search for your loved one, guiding you through the process, and providing expert recommendations on your case. Visit our Missing Persons sister site for more information.

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