Our Practice Areas

Lauth Investigations International specializes in complex corporate, financial, and personal investigations worldwide.

We serve corporations and private individuals in Indianapolis, Indiana and throughout the nation. Lauth Investigations International is comprised of military veterans and professionals with diverse backgrounds and the expertise to respond to your crisis quickly and efficiently.

Corporate Culture Audit

Lauth Investigations’ CCA program is a specific service for corporations and organizations where we evaluate your internal operations from top to bottom, identify and uncover problems to provide expert solutions. Our goal is to improve efficiency in the workplace and eliminate threats. Corporate culture is the full picture of how leadership, coworking relationships, policy, and the enforcement of that policy impact daily operations and the bottom line of both corporations and nonprofits. Corporate culture moves in a delicate cycle, with each factor having a direct effect on all others within the workplace. When this corporate culture becomes corrupted by single or multiple factors, leadership must have the initiative to seek corporate intelligence to help them identify the malignancies within the organization. Corporate culture is one of our largest practice areas. A majority of our intelligence services can be applied to corporate culture audits and internal corporate investigations. At Lauth, we’re passionate about putting answers in the hands of our clients, because when it comes to your business, you should expect facts, not fiction.

Attorney & Legal Services

Our legal support services mean your counsel can focus on your case. From evidence gathering to witness location, Lauth is the perfect multi-tool for your legal matter. Very few attorneys have the time, resources, and expertise to give each case the specialized attention it deserves. That’s why they need investigators to follow a trail of leads to the truth. Lauth’s private investigators are adept at skip-tracing and witness location, surveillance, undercover operations, and providing expert testimony in a court of law. Private investigators have the necessary skills and autonomy that are perfect for attorney support. The Lauth Investigations International team of private investigators are ready to provide our clients with diligent and comprehensive attorney support to ensure their client gets the best defense available. We provide detailed reports, expert recommendations, and are available to our clients 24/7 to provide them with the very best in intelligence services.

Corporate Investigation

When a corporation or nonprofit experiences a crisis, fact-finding is crucial. That’s why retaining a private investigator can be an investment for many businesses. Private investigators can find the malignancies and threats in corporations and advise leadership on how to excise them. Our private investigators are trained to move unseen while in the field. Depending on the needs of your investigation, our private investigators can be transplanted into your business undercover in order to gather additional intelligence on the corporate theft or embezzlement. They can conduct surveillance, identify human sources by developing rapport with your employees, and identify weaknesses within your brick and mortar establishments that can leave your business vulnerable to theft. Our corporate, private investigators are trained to spot the risk factors, document them, and provide leadership with expert recommendations to improve their organizations from within. We can apply these services to investigation types such as employee misconduct, internal or external theft, worker’s compensation and FMLA fraud, white collar crime, extortion, and bribery.

Private/Personal Client Services

Lauth private investigators have the diverse experience to help families and private citizens make crucial decisions in their personal lives. Whether it’s fact-finding in a cold criminal investigation or running a background check on hired help, Lauth is there for our clients. At Lauth Investigations International, we believe knowledge is power. Using verified background check databases and the best available surveillance technology, we can provide important context in private lives. We pride ourselves on using our diverse list of private client services to empower our clients with the knowledge they desperately need in times of crisis. Personal crises like child custody, crimes against persons, criminal defense, or theft are all cases that can benefit from the independent and objective eye of a private investigator. At the conclusion of each investigation, our investigators also provide detailed reports and expert recommendations, as well as serving as expert witnesses in any subsequent litigation. Our team of private investigators is comprised of former military and law enforcement who are ready to apply our methodology to your case. We carry a glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we regularly garner 5-star reviews from grateful clients. Call Lauth today for a free consultation on how our private investigations services can bring you clarity.  

Return Assets Division

Unrecovered assets can come in many forms, like inheritances and paychecks. 1 in 10 individuals has unrecovered assets. The process of recovering these assets, however, can be tricky. Many owners would feel inclined to have their family attorney handle such a process, but attorneys without specific experience can also find the claims process difficult to navigate. That’s why Lauth Investigations International has an entire team of dedicated professionals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and perform due-diligence.  Daily, the amount of unrecovered assets increases worldwide. Families and heirs of unrecovered assets deserve their assets. The Return Assets Division of Lauth Investigations team is dedicated to returning unrecovered assets. Our extensive worldwide research capabilities ensure the certification of ownership for families, corporations, heirs, and lawyers is an effective and efficient experience. We hire the very best professionals with crucial skillsets to assist paralegals, genealogists, and knowledgeable support staff in putting unrecovered assets back in the hands of their rightful owners.

Missing Persons

When a loved one goes missing, each day becomes overwhelming. That’s why Lauth uses the best resources available to bring answers to families with missing loved ones. Under Thomas Lauth, one of the nation’s foremost experts in missing persons, our investigators will turn over every investigative rock in search for your loved one, guiding you through the process, and providing expert recommendations on your case. Lauth missing person investigators have diverse experience in recovering missing persons from sex trafficking, kidnapping, child custody disputes, and misadventure. These missing person searches have stretched throughout the continental United States and throughout the globe. For more information, visit our missing persons sister site where you can read testimonials from grateful families, find tips and information regarding missing persons, and resources for the families of missing person.