Crimes Against Persons

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Investigate Crimes Against Persons


Recovery Theft of Art and Jewelry
Trafficking against an individual
Secure Recovery of Victims
Violent Crimes

Our Crimes Against Persons Investigators conducts Crimes Against Persons such as major crimes of Unsolved Homicide, Missing Persons, Theft of Art, Jewelry, Extortion and other crimes such as Harassment, Stalking, Battery and violent crimes.

The Lauth team understands the personal dilemma of stolen items that have been in your family for years and otherwise have immense emotional impact with you and family members. First, our team of analysts conducts a cyber sweep then our team of investigators and appraisal experts will react effectively with a necessary response to pursue the most in-depth and proactive response in the field.

Our team can react with extensive cyber and human intelligence sources that can quickly return the item to its rightful owner. Our recovery fees are commensurate to all experts in this field.

Investigation of Theft of Art, Jewelry, and Electronic Devices and extortion of person(s) for monetary benefit.

In the last few years our team has been handling a rise in extortion cases. As people meet more online from dating apps and websites, extortion cases become more prevalent as more apps are able to hide the true identity of an individual. Video and verbal conversations are discreetly manipulated by perpetrators violating privacy rights, but more importantly perpetrators are cashing in by extorting the victims with threats of public disclosure.