• 5 Misconceptions and Limitations of Private Investigators - Mainstream media has done a fantastic job of skewing the public’s view of private investigators to be something that it’s not. Specifically, TV-shows and movies portray private investigators as people who are not bound by the same laws… Read More
  • Conduct Due Diligence for Corporate Merging - Why You Should Conduct Due Diligence for Corporate Merging or Acquisition of Another Company? Indianapolis Private Investigator, Lauth Investigations can assist companies with the merger and acquisition due diligence process. Just like you would do a background check… Read More
  • Computer and Cellular Forensics. - Computer forensics remains a growing field in private investigations. Sometimes referred to as computer forensic science, private investigators specialized in computer forensics, may be hired by private individuals and major corporations to securely collect data, examining and preserving… Read More
  • Private Investigators – The Sherlock Holmes of today. - Due to blockbuster movies, books and television shows people may have a notion that private investigators sit in their smoke filled offices smoking a pipe while hired by some jilted homemaker to follow around her cheating husband. While… Read More
  • When is GPS a legal tool to use in private investigations? - Thomas Lauth, a private investigator, and owner of Lauth Investigations International provides private investigations services throughout the country with offices in Denver, Phoenix, and headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. When working in various states a private detective must remain… Read More
  • Guidelines to Ensure You Are Working With a Licensed and Competent Private Investigator. - Any time you hire an individual or company to provide a service whether it may be a simple home repair or as important as hiring someone to watch your children it is always a good idea to check… Read More
  • When to Use a Private Investigator in Custody Matters? - When considering the welfare of the children, courts must be informed in order to rule on decisions to determine custody and parenting time. The court’s decision must be based upon credible information submitted to the court; to include… Read More
  • Unclaimed Property is No Joke. How to Find the Right Help? - How to Find the Right Help? What is Unclaimed Property? So you get a call from someone who tells you there is a half-million dollars that belongs to you and is being held in a state trust. Next… Read More
  • Corporate Due Diligence and Asset Searches in Litigation - How Corporate Due Diligence Investigations, Asset Searches, and Litigation Support Can Protect Your Company Our Indianapolis Private Investigators at Lauth Investigations International work with national and global corporations and their corporate attorneys to provide a variety of investigative… Read More
  • Global Corporate Growth Warrant Increased Use of PI Firms - How Corporate Private Investigators Root Out Illegal Activity in the Workplace and Illegal Workers? At Lauth Investigations International headquartered in Indiana, our Indianapolis private investigators work with national and global corporations and specialize in internal crisis management investigations… Read More
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