Manufacturing & Industrial Theft

Manufacturing & Industrial Theft

Article: Competitive Intelligence and Industrial Espionage: What’s The Difference?

Manufacturing and Industrial theft are the two most complicated crises companies face.

Lauth Investigations will create a risk assessment profile, interpret the challenges facing your industry and align an effective consultation or investigation so that your company can work towards a solution.

When Human Resources Leaders and Plant Supervisors are confronted with a small loss there is a discussion. Then the loss and suspicions grow and the discussions become more prevalent. Then the following week the loss grows more and more and eventually questioned by the CFO. Then the CFO, executives, senior management and HR leaders meet and ask themselves what is the solution? Lastly, an entry point is breached over the weekend, millions of dollars of equipment and product is stolen and now the small problem has become massive.

Some questions asked by the CEO and HR, do we call the local law enforcement agency and report the loss and suspicions? Do we call in the alleged perpetrators for questioning and open the door to alarm perpetrators?

Top 5 Industries Thieves Target :

  • Pharma Manufacturing Companies
  • Metals
  • Cargo
  • Electronics
  • Black Market-Cell Phones, Cigarettes, Laptops, Notepads

(RF) 5 Red Flags that your company may have a theft problem:

  • Employee’s talk of loss to HR
  • Employees’s low morale
  • Employees indicate seeing product outside plant
  • Erratic meeting of employees in parking lots and local areas
  • Employee(s) purchasing power increases

(PM) 5 Prevention Methods of Internal Theft:

  • Confidential Tip LIne
  • Employee Handbook
  • Training of Supervisors to detect theft
  • Effective Security and Monitoring System
  • Ongoing undercover operatives to detect any criminal activity

Lauth works closely with managers and officers in the corporation to provide timely investigations that enable to resolve a crisis with solutions that are lawful. Our team is comprised of former military veterans, law enforcement officers, cyber security investigators and professionals that are results driven and seek facts in an ethical and legal manner.