Legal and Attorney Investigation Support

Legal and Attorney Investigations

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Complex Background Analysis
Sexual Harassment
Financial Due Diligence Analysis-Corporate/Personal
Fraud And Forgery Investigation
Unsolved Homicide/Questionable Death Investigation
Litigation Assistance
Custody Investigations /Family Crisis Investigations
Criminal Defense Investigations
Workers Compensation/Insurance Subrogation
Witness Locating/Skip Tracing
Trademark Infringement Investigations

Litigation Assistance, Personal Injury, and Worker’s Compensation Investigations

Private investigators at Lauth Investigations International Inc. aggressively investigate the facts of worker compensation claims and personal injury claims. Investigators and respond to a request within 24 hours. The LII team provides litigation assistance and will immediately begin the investigation by acquiring the location of witnesses, witness statements, videotaping, photographing injuries and accident scene, obtaining measurements, document searches, day-in-the-life surveillance videos, and provide computer graphic diagrams of the scene.

Financial Due Diligence Corporate/Personal Investigations

Lauth team of researchers provide comprehensive asset searches suited for pre and post judgement of all amounts. Over our 25 years, we have  conducted asset searches for judgements from 500.00 to 5 million dollars and many of our clients are Fortune 500 Companies nationwide.

  • Pre-Litigation Research
  • Determine Liquidity
  • Pierce the Corporate Veil
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Find Illiquid Buyers
LII Asset Level 1

For pre and post judgement asset searches over 50,000 please call or request a LII Xact Brochure (download here)

LII ASSET ANALYSIS LEVEL II (nationwide or statewide under 50k)

All of our asset searches are managed to

Locator: Obtain current address, telephone number, cellular number, relatives, and associates of subject for service or legal process.
Tangible Personal Property: Our private investigators locate residential or business real property, vacant property, deeds, and mortgage information. Bank information is included though we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy – no pretext, without violation of Gramm-Leach Bliley). List of vehicles, boats, mobile homes, or aircraft ownership (registered only).
Employer: With employment verification, we confirm employment and employer, type of position; address and telephone, salary/wage, and dates of employment.
Debt Profile: The debt profile contains federal & state tax liens or judgments, bankruptcy, and UCC filings.

Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations

Our team of private investigators at Lauth Investigations, will conduct in-depth fraud and embezzlement investigations for law firms that represent corporations such as hospitals, industrial and manufacturing companies seeking a resolution to various financial crimes with the company.

Complex Background Analysis & Vetting

In recent years cases of fraud has increased dramatically. Our private investigators are responding to more requests for intensive background searches to include adoption fraud, individuals preying upon the elderly, small business mergers and acquisitions, executives applying for senior positions, and family crisis such as custody and child endangerment matters. In today’s world, it can be tragic if a company is not vetting newly appointed directors or CEO’s, lawyers, or staff members

Indianapolis Private Investigators at Lauth Investigations International will work with you and conduct a comprehensive background search that will provide information to confirm or refute a subject’s background in two formats.

LII BACKGROUND HISTORY LEVEL 1 (nationwide or statewide)

Lauth Investigations team understand diverse requests on background checks and solutions on background checks only result from conducting initial comprehensive consultation that suit the vetting process

Our research and background investigators conduct a background analysis from 5-20 years on most searches.. Confirm all sources of information, request if certified records are needed (extra $ per page for certified documents that we hand select according to your order).

Unsolved Homicide or Questionable Death Investigation

Thomas Lauth Investigations International Inc. private detectives specialize in unsolved homicide and death investigations. Our homicide investigators conduct comprehensive unsolved homicide investigations to determine suspected persons and/or the manner of death such as cause of death by suicide, accidental death, or homicide. Lauth investigators review each death investigation by examining police, medical examiner, coroner report, or pathologist documents as well as interacting and working cooperatively with officials involved in the investigation. The origin of the scene is meticulously photographed and inspected; each eyewitness and character witness is located and thoroughly interviewed. Verbal statements are obtained and potentially taped. Our investigators follow vital steps to locate the circumstantial or physical evidence through field investigations, canvassing databases, searching equivocal public records, and any field sources that may pertain to the case to include legal or medical research as supportive evidence to reinforce findings. A detailed investigative summary is provided, and the investigator will testify at hearings or trial if necessary.