Background checks with detailed reports and expert recommendations.

The private investigator methodology behind subject location or “skip-tracing” may also be applied to the search and recovery of assets in the name of our clients. Diverse skills in research, document review, and knowledge of bureaucratic processes, are just a few umbrellas of knowledge required to navigate this complex recovery process. Through our access to verified databases, our qualified team of researchers, and our special brand of due-diligence, we can bring unrecovered asset intelligence to both heirs, attorneys, trust officers, and professional guardians for the clarification they need in complex cases.


  • Locating Missing, Unknown, or Estranged Parties for Notice or Distribution of Funds in Probate or Intestacy Matters
  • Determination of Beneficiaries for Trust Termination
  • Multilingual Research Staff
  • Verification and / or Completion of Other Third-Party Genealogical Research
  • Vital Record Searches & Obtaining Records to Prove Heirship
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Proving Heirship to the Court
  • Family Tree Reconstruction and Validation

Nonprofit Background Checks

Lauth has been bringing verified, comprehensive intelligence to its clients for over 30 years. Because we’re always searching for new disciplines where we can apply our intelligence services, our catalogue of services has grown and expanded exponentially over the years. That is why our CEO and founder, Thomas Lauth began to move the company into asset recovery only a few short years ago.

The amount of unrecovered assets only continues to grow globally. To mitigate the total amount of growing assets, Lauth Investigations International formed the Return Assets Division—a specific division of the business dedicated to employing the most qualified professionals to help put unrecovered assets back in the hands of our claimants. Through a diligent chain of operations, our claim researchers confirm certification of ownership for families, corporations, heirs, and lawyers, and guide them through the process of staking claim to their unrecovered assets.


Heirs to unrecovered assets are contacted by Lauth when we have found assets in their name with third parties. Heirs are in a unique position, because payments for services rendered are contingent on the recovery of the asset in question. Heirs bear no risk and no out of pocket expenses regarding their asset. For no additional cost, they receive the personalized attention of a trained claim researcher who is well-versed in the facts of their case and works diligently to put that asset back in their hands.


Private investigators are the attorney’s multi-tool, and asset recovery and heir searching are just two more prongs on that multi-tool. Our researchers and investigators can get the intelligence attorneys need in matters of heir searching and asset recovery at hourly wages. In the case of estate handling, will execution, or other matters of succession, Lauth can provide a variety of key services, such as heir location or beneficiary location. Our team is versed in succession laws throughout the nation, and use our vast resources to secure and document all verifiable information to prove heirship. Our methodology is backed up by the quality of our genealogical research and our glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and scores of testimonials from our grateful clients.

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