D.J.  graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Master’s in Library and Information Science. She is a U.S. Navy veteran who loves true crime podcasts, traveling with her family, and trying new foods. Her love for research, problem solving, and helping others led her to Lauth Investigations as their Intelligence Analyst.


C.J. received her degree in Political Science from Ball State University and carries multiple certifications from both the STRATEGIST CONSULTANT National Center Mission and Exploited Children and the Office for Victims of Crimes Training and Technical Center. Prior to joining Lauth Investigations International, C.J. served as a law enforcement officer in Carmel, Indiana and Vice.


K.R. is a former FBI agent who’s specialization was in surveillance. He earned his Criminology degree from Indiana State University, beginning his career as an Emergency Operator and working his way through the Linton Police Department, working as a Law Enforcement Officer for seven years. He’s also earned certificates with IDACS and NCIC. K.R. has risen through the ranks and knows the ins and outs of each link in the chain of an investigation. Now, he’s using his multifaceted skillset with Lauth Investigations International.


C.P. is a combat veteran and has served in the United States Army for twelve years. Some of his assignments include the 101st Airborne Division and NATO, Allied Command Operations. He has a previous seven year background in law enforcement including several years as a Homicide Detective. In that role, C.P. was successfully the lead investigator on several capitol and high profile murder cases. When he’s not conducting investigations, C.P. is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time with his family.


MR is our Chief Strategist and Investigations Supervisor. She has over 22 years of investigative experience as a Special Agent with the FBI. Her areas of expertise are White Collar Crime, including the universe of fraudulent schemes and scams, public corruption and missing children. She brings many skills as an investigator, researcher, strategist and law enforcement liaison.