CNC Violations and Risk Management Investigation   Violations of Non-Compete Agreements or CNC have increased dramatically in recent years as more employees are leaving their jobs and becoming freelancers. Employee departures result in scheming of trade secrets and clients and more common, CNC agreements state preventative clauses from employees opening another similar business for up to one year. With employee departures has come a surge of CNC violations and potential market downturns for small businesses and large corporation.  Minimizing impact is necessary because scheming of trade secrets can create havoc for a small business desperate to maintain client relationships. As freelancers must find ways to market their skills to potential employers they turn to websites and offer their work on sites such as and to find potential jobs. This leaves employers and their HR departments and executives with discomfort of seeing such violations as:
  • Theft of Trade Secrets and operations
  • Copyright violations including trade names, logos, and operations
  • Theft of clients being purged
  • Slanderous comments towards the company’s credibility to their clients
Many former employees find their new traction easily by harboring old clients and then terminate their position, thus capsizing on the opportunity to steal the client from their former employer. Sometimes using old employer communication methods such as email and phone. These newly formed relationships (or old) can result in other violations such as negative credibility in the market Manipulation of clients is one of the most common forms of CNC violations and often can be determined by an investigation from an outside professional agency. Lauth Investigations investigators work rapidly to prevent the exposure of trade secrets, purging of vendors and clientele, and work steadfast to recover loss credibility and recover information for staff lawyers and human resources departments.  LII investigators work towards an evidentiary solution focused on a presentation of discovered facts and resolving each conflict with corporate risk solutions.