Child Custody Investigations

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Child Custody

Private Investigators at Lauth Investigations International Inc. understand the predicament of a child raised by a parent of questionable integrity. It can become an emotionally tumultuous time during divorce or separation, and children are commonly exposed to significant stress experienced by both parties. In some cases, children become pawns and even abused by a parent as a way to “get back” at the other. At times, a parent’s ability to provide a safe and stable home environment might come into question. Children’s safety is our priority at Lauth Investigations and our compassionate and skilled private detectives work with families to reduce incidents of child endangerment and abuse.

Based on a mutual conference with the client and their attorney, Lauth Investigations will assist in establishing a formative case of impeachment. The investigation will include but is not limited to the following:

Lauth investigators will conduct a comprehensive background investigation on the defendant, those who reside with the defendant, and others who interact with the child by the defendant’s request.

An on-site assessment of the child’s home environment will be conducted by Lauth’s skilled child custody investigators to search for signs of cleanliness of the home, malingering adult supervision, and abuse.

A Lauth PI will be assigned to conduct video surveillance of the defendant’s activities to verify if the child is unattended or left with anyone that is incompetent to supervise the child. Additionally, surveillance activity can detect the character of the defendant by determining if there are signs of alcohol or drug abuse in the home environment, identify traffic to and from the home, and identify individuals the parent associates.

A confidential report and video will be provided upon completion of the investigation. If required, the investigator will provide court testimony as an expert witness to the child custody or child endangerment investigation.