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From family heirlooms to corporate decor, Lauth’s investigators know that value is subjective. Let us protect what is valuable to you.

When it comes to Art & Jewelry Theft, how important is your case to the police? Even the most equipped and vigilant police department must prioritize casework—a triage in which violent crimes are placed at the forefront daily operations and receive the most resources from jurisdictional law enforcement. Crimes concerning only the theft of personal property like jewelry, art, electronics, and other valuable items are usually moved to the back burner.

Personal property theft can only be mitigated in part by homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. This leaves many individuals without recourse and without their valuable property and leaves private investigators with an opportunity to provide clarity and solutions.

Lauth Investigations Art and Jewelry Theft

That’s why our private investigators are dedicated to providing answers or you. Our private investigators understand that value lies in an owner’s history with the item, and we are dedicated to recovering what belongs to you. Our services can apply to many different types of personal property theft, including but not limited to:

  • Home burglary
  • Jewelry store burglary
  • Art theft
  • Jewelry theft
  • Museum heist & stolen artifacts
  • Shoplifters

Statistic: According to the FBI, the amount of criminal income generated by art crime each year is thought to be $6-8 million, with many Art & Jewelry Theft victims never seeing their property again. 

How Lauth can help with your art & jewelry theft investigation.


Our private investigators use the very latest in surveillance technology to observe Subjects and gather proof of theft discretely and diligently for our client.

Evidence gathering

Through crime scene analysis, geosocial surveillance, and thorough documentation, investigators will leave no stone unturned when they investigate the theft of your property.

Witness Location

We perform due-diligence in canvassing relevant areas associated wit the theft and identify the human sources in the investigation. Our private investigators interview neighbors, pawn shop owners, and utilize open-source intelligence to find your stolen property.

Reposession & recovery

After following all possible leads, we work with our clients to form an action plan to recover the stolen property, from working with law enforcement to appearing as witnesses in court.

Art and Jewelry Theft Investigations

Why clients need our services

The annual losses in theft of art, jewelry, and other valuables is thought to be between $6 million and $8 million. As a result, victims of these crimes can experience additional losses in rising insurance premiums and security. As violent crimes are prioritized, art theft, jewelry theft, and personal property theft victims are left twisting in the wind, often with higher insurance premiums. When law enforcement hits a wall in your jewelry & art theft, or personal property theft, a private investigator is the ideal candidate to find answers for you. With their diverse tool chest and autonomy, a private investigator is the ideal professional to track down your stolen, art, jewelry, electronics, or other valuable property.

Autonomous Jewelry & Art Theft Investigations

Typically, private investigators are completely independent and do not rely on a chain of command. Their autonomy makes them an ideal professional to chase leads on stolen property. This means there is no valuable time lost to bureaucracy and private investigators spend billable hours serving their clients. This means time is galvanized into our intelligence services through background checks, cross-referencing sources, and verifying the risk factors in any case. Our private investigators provide comprehensive reports and expert recommendations. The autonomy of a private investigator also serves the investigation when the assets are taken across state lines. When stolen property is taken across state lines, that could be the end of the line for the law enforcement. Depending on where the theft was reported, their jurisdiction might prevent them from following leads out of state. A private investigator is only bound by the jurisdiction of their license. Lauth private investigators are licensed in many states across the United States, and we can follow the case where it takes us.

Witness & Suspect Location Services

Witness location is one of a private investigator’s greatest skills when it comes to the theft of art, jewelry, or other valuable property. One of the most difficult parts of any investigation is identifying the unseen human sources in any case. Private investigators can canvass the surrounding areas—neighbors and businesses—asking relevant questions about suspicious activity or the regular faces in the neighborhood. Private investigators can also canvass the pawn shops in the area in search of art and jewelry that was pawned for a quick buck by the thief. Private investigators collect the witness statements, contact information, and include it as part of a comprehensive closing report. Using our verified background check services, our investigators can find the relevant subjects to the case in the interest of developing more leads and ultimately reaching a solution.

Open Source Intelligence in Jewelry & Art Theft Investigations

Private investigators are also proficient in identifying the non-human sources associated with art & jewelry theft investigationsDue to the ubiquity of both internal and external CCTV footage, it’s more possible than ever for investigators to map a suspect’s movements following a crime. Private investigators identify these surveillance systems and pull the footage for review to identifying human sources and potential suspects.

Social media is also a valuable asset in any investigation, but particularly with regards to theft of valuable property. If the thief does not pawn the item, they might try to sell it online, possibly through Facebook Marketplace, or on an auction website. Private investigators also know how to gather geo-social data as further evidence of the theft, and can use the information found to recover the stolen item.

Risk Management & Security

Private investigators typically carry some direct or indirect experience with regards to security and risk management. When theft is a significant piece of the casework pie, private investigators are used to seeing sites of theft and working in reverse to determine how the thief gained access to valuables, then successfully stole those valuables. Professionals like the jewelry and art theft investigators at Lauth Investigations International have diverse experience in surveying both businesses and private homes to identify weaknesses where criminals could potentially violate their property or assets.

For example, in a case where a woman reported her engagement ring missing from the home, our investigators were able to review the known evidence. Law enforcement were stalled for leads in the case, but Lauth’s private investigators came to a conclusion in only a matter of days. Investigators observed the lock on the client’s jewelry box had been tampered with. Although there were no sophisticated security systems present in the home, investigators were able to determine there had not been a break-in of any kind. After gathering some background on the family, Lauth investigators were able to determine that their teenaged son had a history of low-level drug offenses in his juvenile record. Upon further fact-finding and surveillance, the investigation led investigators to the pawn shop where the son illegally pawned items regularly in order to get extra cash for drugs. At the conclusion of the investigation, Lauth investigators were able to return the engagement ring to the client.

Lauth Investigation International’s private investigators are not only adept at recovering stolen property, but we can provide our clients with recommendations on how to prevent it in the future. After reviewing the crime scene and determining how the thief gained access, we can identify the vulnerabilities in your business or private residence and provide you with crucial context that will prevent future losses.

If you have been the victim of jewelry theft, art theft, or another form of personal property theft, contact Lauth Investigations International today at 317-951-1100 for a free quote on our investigations and intelligence services.

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