Online Dating Scam Part Four

From the desk of Kristen Justis, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations DANGERS OF ONLINE DATING FOR ALL GENERATIONS PART FOUR – THE YOUNG SOLDIER In previous postings in this series, I have discussed a widower, a divorcé, and a Read More …


DANGERS OF ONLINE DATING FOR ALL GENERATIONS PART TWO – THE DIVORCЀ As discussed in my previous posting, The Widower, Lauth Investigations International, Inc. has handled several cases of scam and fraud in relation to online dating sites. The elaborate Read More …

Background Checks

  Lauth Investigations International is a private investigation firm. We are constantly questioned about what our background searches can provide that a personal background search cannot. All I can say, it’s all in the details. You pay for what you Read More …

Private Investigators and Drone Usage

Gone are the days when private eyes had to flip through physical documents and phone directories, or find the location of someone with an actual map. And now, thanks to the advancements in drone technology, some investigators are opting to do away with physical surveillance.

Private Investigator’s Role in Corporate Asset Investigations

Considering a lawsuit? Waiting to collect a judgment? If so, it may be time to hire a licensed private investigator to conduct a corporate asset investigation. Corporations are viewed legally as a separate legal entity from their shareholders, and are Read More …

Cyber Attacks on Corporations Growing

Hacking and security breaches are an ever-growing crime. If you are a consumer, never presume your information is safe even while grocery shopping. If you are a corporate business, there are many things you can do to improve your security. Read More …

Effective Business Intelligence Protects Company Bottom-line

In a June 28, 2012, statement before the House Committee on Homeland Security and Subcommittee on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Intelligence Division, estimated more than $13 billion losses to the American economy due to economic espionage.

Dissolution of marriage and the Private Eye

“We recognize divorce can be a traumatic event in the lives of our clients and focus on alleviating much of the stress by collecting the information, conducting surveillance, and properly presenting the information to prevent and even alleviating prolonged stress.”

Benefits of hiring Homegrown Private Investigators

“Most investigations and preparation for litigation creates an emotional environment for those involved,” says Lauth. “As licensed private investigators, it important to be dedicated and it is our duty to represent our clients with the utmost integrity and moral conduct so as not to add to emotional injury.”