10 Ways an Attorney Can Benefit from a Private Investigator

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, BelgiumThere are a great number of reasons an attorney may enlist the services of a private investigator. Along with making a lawsuit stronger, private investigators typically charge much less than legal consultants, and often produce results that are even more valuable. That said, let’s delve into 10 of the most common ways a lawyer or law firm can benefit from hiring an experienced private investigator.

Locate Hard to Find People – Whether it’s tracking down a witness to testify in a trial or finding someone to have them served, a private investigator can handle the legwork of locating persons of interest so the attorney can focus on other pressing matters.

Track Down Heirs – Attorneys are often hired to handle the distribution of assets following someone’s death. In many cases, the person or persons who are named as heirs are difficult if not next to impossible to locate. A private investigator can help track these people down so that the estate matters can be settled.

Locate Hidden Assets – In many cases, particularly messy divorces, one party’s lawyer may feel that the other party is deliberately hiding assets in order to gain leverage or win a more favorable outcome. An experienced private investigator can do the digging necessary to uncover hidden money and other valuable property, evening the playing field.

Identify Leverage for Negotiations – Attorneys often find themselves entrenched in intense negotiations on behalf of their clients. Working toward a settlement can help avoid litigation, saving time and money. Employing the services of a private investigator can help each lawyer gather the pertinent information they need to establish leverage.

Uncover Asset Transfers – In some cases, a person who has been levied a settlement may try to avoid the obligation by transferring assets to friends or family members. When this type of shady activity is suspected, it can help to have a PI on the case who can identify these transactions and hold the party in question accountable.

Reveal Individuals and Tie Together Loose Ends – For cases in which a large corporation is involved, a lawyer can gain traction by having a private eye uncover the actual faces behind the brand. He or she can also help connect the dots and link pertinent details together to build a stronger case.

Predict the Next Move – In many instances, it can be beneficial to have a private investigator identify an opponent’s history and pattern of behaviors. This information can help an attorney predict what the next move may be, and even gain insight into the possible outcome of the case. For instance, if a corporation has a history of settling similar cases, chances are that’s what can be expected in future ones as well.

Prepare for Deposition and/or Testimony – If a case is going to court, all parties will need to be deposed ahead of time. There will also likely be testimony compelled, as well as cross-examination by the other party’s representatives. A detailed report from an experienced private investigator can help prepare for these scenarios ahead of time and avoid any unexpected surprises when the time comes.

Identify Potential Witnesses – As a case moves forward, the need for additional witnesses may arise. A private eye can help identify those who would be most beneficial to the case at hand. The investigator can also help by conducting surveillance of key witnesses that have already been named.

Intellectual Property / Trademark Monitoring – Counterfeit products and improper or illegal activities associated with corporate brand can cause everything from minor headaches to costly lawsuits and PR nightmares. A private investigator can keep track of such unsavory activities so they can be addressed right away to mitigate damages.

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