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"When our clients hire us they expect results, which is why Lauth Investigations International, Inc., hires investigators with a wide array of experience. Further, when our clientele gives us an investigation to conduct, we first look at the type of investigation, the type of expertise needed, and with no less than 20 years' experience in that specific field, our investigators will pursue and close the case."
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"Lauth Investigations was retained by our firm in a lengthy conflict resolution with another company. They worked professionally and presented the facts to us in a clearly detailed and concise summary. Great Investigations service for Indianapolis and I highly recommend this firm."
Michael - Indianapolis, IN

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Divorce and Child Custody Investigations

Private Investigators focused on the safety of children

How can a private investigator help keep my child safe during a divorce or child custody dispute? All too common in today's headlines are stories involving children who have been abused. While we worry about our children's safety around strangers, we sometimes fail to take the proper precautions to keep children safe in their own environment. Private investigators specializing in child custody investigations work directly with an attorney to generate a formative case for impeachment. Child custody investigators are trained to investigate and detect child abuse, neglect, substance and alcohol abuse, and other behaviors that may endanger a child. The information gathered by a qualified child custody private investigator about a custodial or non-custodial parent during a legal custody investigation, can uncover behavior that places a child at risk of harm, while also documenting the incidents of concern. This is a critical step in ensuring the information gathered during the child custody investigation can be presented in court if necessary. During cases of separation and divorce, no corner should be cut when considering the safety of a child, and a qualified private investigator can literally save a child's life. Read More >>>

Global corporate growth warrant increased use of private investigator firms

How Private Investigators Root Out Illegal Activity

In the corporate world, there is a lot of room for treachery, especially as companies continue to grow globally. Over the years, corporate private investigators have been commonly utilized to perform corporate due diligence such as running background checks on potential hires and business partners. However, in the expanding world of business, global banking, and investments, all with too little regulation, corporate private investigators more frequently perform business intelligence investigations in an effort to protect companies by discovering deceptive practices and performing damage control. Essentially, a corporate private investigator is responsible for protecting the company financial assets, credibility and legal integrity. Read More >>>

Corporate due diligence and asset searches in litigation

Corporate Structure

Unlike typical businesses or limited liability companies (LLC), corporations are structured differently and created under the laws of a state to establish it as a separate entity of its Board of Directors. Various forms of corporations exist and the actions of the corporate officers are governed by the bylaws of the entity. Though not universal throughout the United States, one aspect of a corporation is in the event that a corporation fails, shareholders, may lose their investments, members may lose their positions and employees may lose their jobs but will not be held liable for remaining debts owed to the corporations creditors. Corporations are generally accepted by law to have responsibilities similar to that of an individual and can exercise rights against other individuals and entities, and even be held responsible for violations and criminal offenses, such as fraud. Many corporations are created as entities of perpetual duration and can exist indefinitely until legally dissolved voluntarily by members or shareholders, statutorily, or by court order. Read More >>>

Properly Vetting a Candidate

When the Truth Comes Out

Consider the case of Somaly Mam, a Cambodian woman who claimed she was a victim of sex trafficking during her childhood. According to Mam's story, she was sold into slavery around age 10 and was then forced to marry a soldier at age 14. Mam went as far as creating a foundation named after her, which raised money and awareness for victims. The organization and Mam herself gained the attention of big name celebrities such as Oprah WInfrey and Susan Sarandon. Many articles and columns have been written, praising Mam for all she had done. However, when a Newsweek journalist did some digging on Mam#39;s past, it soon came to light that Mam had fabricated her tale (Mullany, "Activist Resigns Amid Charges of Fabrication"). Read More >>>

Competitive Intelligence and Industrial Espionage: What's the Difference?

Finding Information the Right Way

he idea of "staying ahead" of an opposing entity may evoke thoughts of ancient war mongers sliding figurines around an old map. Although competitive intelligence may seem like a battle strategy, the actual practice is much tamer. When done effectively, competitive intelligence is simply a way to better understand how your business fits into a specific market. It's a relatively new term for a practice that has been in effect for decades. Every company will have a slightly different view on the term as they mold their marketing strategies to fit their needs. Some companies merely track their competitors, while others implement entire multilevel competitive strategies centered around the data they gather. Read More >>>

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