Juliana Barnett

Juliana Barnett

Inside Sales Representative

Juliana Barnett is the Inside Sales Representative for Lauth Investigations International. She graduated from the University of Maryland Global Campus with honors, and holds a bachelors in psychology and an associates in Spanish Arts. Working as a personal trainer, she held in-person training with military members at Ramstein air base in Germany. Before coming to Lauth, she ran an online Physical Training business and was a coach at F45, a downtown Indianapolis gym.

Juliana is very proud to have participated in an internship in Barcelona, working for non-profit called Homeless Entrepreneur where she educated the homeless men trying to get back on their feet about proper nutrition and exercise in order to promote longevity. Along with that internship, she did fundraising events for the non-profit.

She is an avid outdoors fan, and is very physically active. Working out, hiking, traveling, mountain biking, basketball, and camping are some of her favorite things to do, along with her dog Appa, an authentic German Shepard.