Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Article: Trademark Infringement Trends and Protecting Your Company Against Infringement

Lauth solutions will provide protection against your brand (IP) in efforts to prevent global piracy and counterfeiting. Our goal is to  safeguard your brand by utilizing sources not commonplace to HR and  Operations Supervisors.  Our data mining experts and field investigators use vital sources to expand into a broad hemisphere detecting violations.

As cyber shopping has become the mainstream for the purchasing of goods and services worldwide the violations become complicated to detect. Unknowingly violations can extend for years and the violator can reap profits and thus expand their market to Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Brand Protection areas:

  • Apparel
  • Music and Apps
  • Tools and Hardware
  • Cosmetics
  • Logos and Authentic Branding
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Authors Rights

10 Ways to Protect your Brand:

  • Protect your web content by setting up DMCA Account
  • Think globally, obtain trademark protection for your brand worldwide
  • Scour the net and police your brand & set-up a Google Alert
  • Obtain IP Protection by Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents
  • Make it mandatory for your staff to sign an Employee Handbook
  • Create different divisions
  • Create a distinctive mark
  • Use TrackMaven and Travel IQ for online tracking
  • Register your trademark with the US Patent office
  • Monitor unregistered infringements


Investigators at Lauth Investigations has conducted trademark infringement for brands large and small, trekking through some of the most complicated cases and vast markets such as hollywood stars, family owned apparel, and electronic clients. Our team provides effective intellectual property and litigation support. Assisting in all streams of the process including research and investigation, loss analysis, and testimony, if needed.

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