Attorney & Legal Services

Our legal support services means your counsel can focus on your case. From evidence gathering to witness location, Lauth is the perfect multi-tool for your legal matter.

Brand Protection

Your brand is your business, and not anyone else’s. Protect your business today with Lauth’s Brand Protection services

Lauth solutions will provide protection against your brand (IP) in efforts to prevent global piracy and counterfeiting. Our goal is to safeguard your brand by utilizing sources not commonplace to HR and Operations Supervisors. Our data mining experts and field investigators use vital sources to expand into a broad hemisphere detecting violations.

Investigators at Lauth Investigations has conducted trademark infringement for brands large and small, trekking through some of the most complicated cases and vast markets such as hollywood stars, family owned apparel, and electronic clients. Our team provides effective intellectual property and litigation support. Assisting in all streams of the process including research and investigation, loss analysis, and testimony, if needed.”


Litigation Assistance

Using Lauth’s Litigation Assistance means your counsel can focus on your corporate case.

Private investigators at Lauth Investigations International Inc. aggressively investigate the facts of corporate litigation cases. Investigators and respond to a request within 24 hours. The LII team provides litigation assistance and will immediately begin the investigation by acquiring:

  • location of witnesses

  • witness statements

  • videotaping

  • photographing injuries & accident scene

  • document searches

  • day-in-the-life surveillance videos

  • computer graphic diagrams of the scene

Worker’s Compensation Fraud

The total cost of worker’s compensation fraud in the U.S is estimated to be more than $40 million annually (FBI). Don’t let your business become a statistic.

Lauth Investigations uses their full tool chest of investigative experience and methodology to verify suspicious worker’s compensation claims. Lauth investigators utilize verified databases and sophisticated surveillance technology to pursue the truth in worker compensation investigations:

  • Surveillance

  • Evidence gathering

  • Background checks

  • Financial analysis

  • Comprehensive reports & expert recommendations

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