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Elder Abuse

One of the most difficult decisions individuals make is when to place their elderly parents in a nursing home, assisted living facility or hire an in-home caregiver. Although we want to take care of our parents as they get older, there comes a time when the level of care is higher than we can provide. Doing the research and investigation on these facilities is key to ensure safety for your parents and a piece of mind for you. Lauth Investigations International, Inc. has handled a variety of cases concerning the elderly including abuse and manipulation.

Elder abuse is defined as, “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person.” An elderly individual in the care of a non-family member are susceptible to abuse as they are unable to defend themselves.

The case below is one example of elder abuse one would not believe. It is unfathomable someone could do this to anyone, let alone a defenseless elderly woman.

Lauth Investigations Elder Abuse Case


Eric is a forty year old male who has cared for his ailing mother, Connie, over the last ten years. Connie is on dialysis three times a week and she is in a wheel chair. After much contemplation and researching various facilities, Eric makes the difficult decision to move Connie into an assisted living facility. Her care was becoming too medical and Eric did not have the knowledge to help her.

Since living at the facility, Connie has become withdrawn. Eric began asking her if something was happening at the facility and she would always say no. One day, Eric went to visit Connie on a day she had dialysis. These days are usually during the work week and Eric had not been there on dialysis days. When assisting the nurse to get Connie ready for dialysis, Connie became anxious and told Eric she didn’t want to ride with the transport driver. Eric questioned why, the nurse told him she does this every time. Connie told Eric the driver bothers her and other women at the facility. She went on to say he just makes her uncomfortable. Eric took her to dialysis on this day and ignored her concerns on the driver.

A few weeks later, Eric receives a call from a nurse at the facility stating Connie was taken to the hospital. When arriving at the hospital, the transport driver was in the room with Connie holding and rubbing her hand and arm. Joe, the transport driver, stated he would not leave Connie’s side. Eric did not like the way he was rubbing Connie and advised him to leave. When Joe got up to leave, he kissed Connie on the lips and told her he loved her. After he walked out, Connie shuttered and stated she couldn’t stand him.

Eric was advised his mother had an anxiety attack. When discussing with Connie, she told him it was because she doesn’t like riding with the transport driver. He instructed her to tell him everything so he could take care of the problem. The disturbing story begins.

Connie reveals Joe drives her and other women to their medical appointments. He is her driver three times per week for her dialysis. When driving her to the appointments, he fondles her privates, rubs her all over, kisses her and talks about how much he loves her. She tells Eric this scares her because there is nothing she can do to stop it. Connie begs Eric to protect her from Joe.

Heartbroken, Eric contacts the facility where Connie resides as well as the transport company. The facility knew nothing of these claims and promised they would “look into the allegations”. The transport company owner stated, “Joe is not my favorite person but I doubt he would do something sick like that.” She refused to discuss any further. Eric was not satisfied with these outcomes.

Eric hired Lauth Investigations International, Inc. to investigate these allegations, Joe and the transport company. The investigation revealed Joe has a history of these type of complaints and an extensive criminal history. The transport company had previously terminated Joe for complaints such as these; however, rehired him a few years later. The private investigator interviewed more than 10 women from the assisted living facility. The abuse happened to them as well. They claimed they told the nurses, but they didn’t seem to believe them.

The investigations revealed the assisted living facility researched the transport company before utilizing their services. They entrust the transport company has completed full background searches on their drivers before hiring. The facility does not look into these drivers on their own although they are sending their residents in a vehicle alone with these people.

The assisted living facility has begun their own investigations into the matter. The transport company is no longer being utilized by the facility. Eric drives Connie himself to dialysis.


Lauth Investigations International, Inc. takes any complaints seriously when claims for abuse are made. Investigations focus on all parties affiliated with the elderly individual. The investigation does not cease until Lauth has ensured the abuse has stopped or never occurred. Private investigators review documentation and actions of these facilities and caregivers more in depth than a family member. Investigating any person who may be in contact with your loved one is worth it. Hire the privation investigator and find the results prior to giving them full access to your family member.

When entrusting anyone with the care of elderly family members, the more information and knowledge you have, the better. Do not feel bad or feel like you are offending someone. If the individual or facility has nothing to hide, they won’t worry about being investigated.



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